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Where you earn a slice of the recruitment pie

Why Welfound?

Using an external recruitment agency can be an arduous experience even for a seasoned job seeker and a new one for Antipodeans. Especially if your move to London hasn’t been assisted, it’s hard to know where to start. So it’s no surprise that Kiwis and Aussies often put their sporting rivalry aside to help each other find their feet.


You know how it goes. You arrive in London and immediately reach out to your fellow Antipodeans who work in Accounting and Finance. Then they direct you to their favourite recruiters. By the time you’ve settled into a job and you’re feeling at home in the UK, the next wave of Kiwis and Aussies arrive. So of course you pay it forward, directing them to all the reliable recruiters you’ve dealt with. In doing so, making the recruiter’s life easier to make the bonus they get for every successful candidate they place.


A 2018 Bullhorn study revealed that candidate referrals were recruitment agencies’ best source of quality talent. UK recruitment fees amounted to £35.7B in 2017/2018 – making it a sizeable pie. If you’re helping recruiters earn their commission, why shouldn’t you get a slice?

You’ve got the connections.

We’ve got the jobs. Now you earn a bonus.

How Welfound Works

Through Welfound’s platform you can indicate the type of people you have in your network. Whenever a job is posted that’s suitable to their skillset, you’ll be notified. This gives you the chance to help friends, old colleagues and fellow professionals. Instead of referring them to your favourite recruiter, you refer them directly to jobs in London. If they’re successful, you get a bonus.

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What’s in it for you?

Get Rewarded

You will receive 50% of the recruitment fee for any person you refer who is successful with a role. Instead of a recruiter benefitting from your network, you’re rewarded for your referrals. Welfound will also reward a placed candidate £100 from their share of the fee, ensuring everyone in the equation reaps the benefits.

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