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Why Welfound?

A typical Antipodean story. You arrive in London after spending most of your savings travelling, so finding a job is high on the priority list. To help with the search, you reach out to friends who moved over before you, old colleagues, even Facebook groups such as Kiwis in London – anyone who can help you land that first Accounting or Finance role. You’re then set up with a number of recruiters and companies, and so the search begins Job hunting in London can be draining, but it doesn’t have to be. For Kiwis and Aussies or anyone else!

Welfound was started by a couple of Antipodeans who’d encountered the hurdles most Kiwis and Aussies come up against when moving to London. In particular, finding and landing suitable jobs. They were determined to find a way to improve the job hunt, and so Welfound was born.

London is a challenge in itself, finding a job here shouldn’t be.

How Welfound Works?

Welfound is a recruitment referral platform that allows you to skip the recruiters, simplifying the process. It brings the Accounting and Finance community closer together, allowing those who know the industry best (and the people in it) to refer each other directly to jobs. The entire process is completely transparent, ensuring everyone is kept informed every step of the way. No smoke and mirrors, no hidden agendas.

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What’s in it for you?

A Simple and Direct Job Hunting Platform

Welfound allows you to be referred directly to Accounting and Finance jobs here in London by friends, old colleagues or yourself. This can help simplify your job search and ultimately your move to the UK. You could have your first job lined up before you even land.  

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