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Community Driven Recruitment

Using technology to empower professionals to connect their networks directly with hiring companies in the UK.

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Connecting the Right People to the Right Jobs

Professional referrals are widely regarded as the best source of quality talent. Welfound is a digital platform that taps into this currently under-utilised source, enabling a community of professionals to refer relevant people in their networks for accounting and finance jobs in the UK.

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Reducing Hire Costs by up to 75%

Working with external recruitment agencies can be a costly and time-consuming exercise. Our digital platform streamlines the whole process from beginning to end. This combined with the utilisation of community referrals decreases overheads significantly, so our fees can be cut right down.

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Giving the Recruitment Fee Back to the Community

When a candidate is hired, the company pays a (reduced) fee. 50% of that fee is then split between the referrer and a charity donation of their choice.

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Who's Welfound For?

Hiring Companies

Hiring Companies

If you’re looking to hire, you can advertise available roles to the Welfound community. You’ll then receive a curated shortlist of relevant, verified applicants.

The Community

The Community

Job Seekers: Get referred for financial and accounting roles by those in your network or find the job of your dreams through your own searches. Referrers: Help out the people in your network (and make some extra money) by referring them for jobs you think they’re perfect for.